Basic vs Standard vs Premium Netflix for a 4K TV

I recently got a 55" Sony 4K TV. I’ve already used all my free trials of Netflix. Now I’m wondering which plan I should go with?

I watched FRIENDS, which is a pretty old series and the quality was great. I was on the Netflix Premium trial.

My TV is freaking awesome at upscaling because I play 1080p games on it using my PS4 Pro and the quality is amazing.

So, which plan to choose?

If you watch a lot of originals and on that tv, the 4K is worth it. Those old shows like Friends won’t be in 4K.

@endofthel1ine welcome to our community.

You should get at least the Standard plan. The Premium would offer 4K resolution and HDR for most originals, so it might not be worth it in the beginning.

The image quality of Friends will be exactly the same on the standard or premium plan as it was only filmed in HD.

You’d be better off making a judgement based on something in 4K HDR.