Get Fortnite Founder's Edition After Discontinuation (2021)

Epic Games retired Fortnite Founders’ Editions on 29 June 2020 as the game came out of Early Access.

Now, if you want to get access to STW mode, you need to buy packs like Metal Team Leader Pack or Samurai Scrapper Pack.

The problem with these packs is that they come with X-Ray tickets instead of V-Bucks.

That means apart from the initial 1000 V-Bucks that these packs give you, later in the game, you get X-Ray tickets instead of V-Bucks whenever you finish a daily quest of a Storm Shield Defense.

I wanted V-Bucks because I love both Save the World and Battle Royale, and getting V-Bucks is not a bad idea if I occasionally want to buy skins in Battle Royale because X-Ray tickets are exclusive to STW mode.

I started my research and found a way to still get Fortnite Founder’s Edition in 2021 after it’s discontinued.

And guess what, I found a way to get it!

Proof of authenticity

Now you must be wondering why you should trust me? Maybe I’m promoting some kind of scam and making money off it.

Well, I won’t lie, I’m promoting something, but it’s definitely not a scam. I’m promoting it because while I was doing my research about how one can get Fortnite Standard Edition or any other Founder’s Pack after Epic retired them, I found no information about it.

I found some Reddit discussions and even asked a lot of people if it works or not, but they were pretty skeptical about it.

The only way to find out if it works or not was to risk my money and try it. Below is proof that it works.

So, with this topic, I want to help all those who still want to buy Fortnite’s Founders Edition because they missed buying it before.

I bought my Metal Team Leader Pack on 24 August 2021. Below is the receipt:

And I bought my Founder’s Edition code on 5 September 2021. Below is the receipt:

You can see there’s a 12-day gap between both purchases.

Now have a look at my daily rewards and founder’s edition rewards below:

You can see there’s 9 days gap between both the rewards, which proves that Founder’s Edition works over any existing pack.

Now you must be wondering when there is a gap of 12 days in my purchase, then why is there a gap of only 9 days in my rewards?

Well, your daily rewards start only after you complete storm shield defense 3.

And I completed all the missions until SSD 3 in 3 days.

I hope now you believe that it works. Moving on to the actual part:

How to get Fortnite Founder’s Edition after Epic discontinued it

I found a website named When I was buying the Standard Edition redeem code, the price was €47.95.

I used Honey Extension that helped me get an additional discount.

I got my Founder’s Edition from Gamivo. You can get it from G2A as well after comparing the prices.

Sometimes the Founder’s Edition goes out of stock on any of the sites since it’s in so much demand. In that case, try both G2A and Gamivo.

I’m giving the links below:

  1. Get Fortnite Founder’s Edition from Gamivo
  2. Get Fortnite Founder’s Edition from G2A

Both sites are trustworthy, so you don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the product.

Depending on the site you go with, you’ll receive a redemption code like this after making your purchase:

Now you have to redeem this code on the platform you bought it, for example, Xbox, PC, or PlayStation.

You don’t have to worry, Fortnite is a cross-platform game, so everything you redeem on one device should work fine on any device.

I bought the code for PC. So, I logged in to my Epic Games account in the browser and went to their Redeem Code page.

Then I entered my standard edition code there and voila, it worked!

I logged in to my game on PlayStation and got a notification like this:

It is not my screenshot. I got it from the internet. I forgot to take a screenshot when my Standard Edition Reward notification popped up, but it said, "Items Acquired! Standard Edition Rewards!"

So, that’s it for today, guys. I hope you found this thread useful.

If you have any doubts, then feel free to write them below.