How do I export video in crop size in Final Cut Pro X?

I started a project with 4K format and 3840x2160 resolution. Later, I cropped the clips in the timeline to a smaller size . Aspect ratio is still 16:9 , just the resolution is smaller than the original clip.

Now when I send it to the compressor for export, it exports the original 4K size. How do I export it to the actual crop size?

Sorry if it is a silly question, but I started using FCPX recently.

You will need to set the project for the smaller size. You can do this in the inspector, or you can copy-and-paste everything in your project into a new project with a smaller size.

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As @razorsin mentioned, you have to either change the project dimensions while maintaining aspect ratio in the inspector or create a new project with a smaller size. There is no option in FCPX to export the project in the crop size of the clips.

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