Some Tips for Fortnite STW Founders Edition buyers in 2021

I got Fortnite Save the World Founders Edition on 5 September 2020, which was after Epic discontinued it.

Below are the few things I learned after I bought the STW founder’s edition.

1. Previously finished Storm Shield Defenses give no V-Bucks

If you already have the Metal Team Leader pack (like I do) or Samurai Scrapper pack, and already finished some of the SSD missions before buying the founders edition, then you won’t get V-Bucks for those SSDs later.

When you check the mission details, it may show that you have been granted V-Bucks for that storm shield defense, but you won’t get it. You’ll get V-Bucks for all the SSD missions you complete after buying the founder’s edition, not before that.

2. Standard Edition skins are not that great

You definitely won’t like the legendary skins (Warpaint and Rose Team Leader) you get with Standard Edition. Not sure about the skins that come with other editions.

For me, they look ancient. While I prefer the modern skins of 2021.

3. Tons of V-Bucks every year

You get a total of 10,000 V-Bucks in a year as a founder, which means approx 33 V-Bucks per day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you get V-Bucks daily. Somedays you get lots of V-Bucks, and somedays you get nothing at all.

4. Daily quests are a headache sometimes

You can easily get 50 V-Bucks daily by completing daily quests. Daily quests are often very easy and can be finished within 10-15 minutes. But some quests like finding teddy bears can take multiple missions to complete and up to a few days.

5. V-Bucks make more sense in STW than BR

Using V-Bucks for buying Llamas makes more sense than using them for buying skins, emotes, and other cosmetics in Battle Royale mode. Those cosmetics won’t give you any competitive advantage in the game, but buying Llamas in Save the World mode will.

These llamas contain XP boosts, schematics, crafting material, and other useful stuff that you need to progress in the game without struggling.

I’ll keep adding more points to this thread as I progress further in the game. Thanks for reading.

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