Why is my computer's Wi-Fi slower than my iPad?

I just got a desktop PC and connected it to my WiFi. Since I got it (it has been a week), the WiFi has been terrible on it. I can watch videos on my iPad in 1080p, but I am lucky if I can watch in 240p on my PC. Is this normal?

@lovebydaylight welcome to our community.

Most likely a problem with the signal being received by the PC, make sure that there aren’t any other devices that can interfere with the WiFi signal, such as Bluetooth adapters, or USB-C hubs.

I have had problems with interference with USB Bluetooth adapters in the past, also USB-C hubs with poor shielding can be problematic. If you are using 2.4 GHz wifi on your PC, it might be worth switching it to 5 GHz if your PC and router support it.

Also try moving your PC closer to the router, if this helps you may want to place a WiFi repeater between the PC and the router to help boost the signal.